Thoughts on Stuff

Nothing here is original, only reflected or refracted.

Like an owl looking out, the blue skies spy the roads we will go down.
I wonder what they hold for us?
I hold my family to my breast.
I fear the worst and hope the best will come to see us blessed.
Break down in the shape of things to come, but I’m movin’ on like a soldier.
And I say now when all is said and done:
It’s not ours to break the shape of things to come
— Audioslave
So what do you say: Is it unwise to think my fears will not reprise?
— Lucius

I’m feeling this one today. I miss my friends.

Just because I cannot commit the act of small talk does not mean I don’t have huge things to say.
— Kevin Yang
We’re refusing to rust. Healing has to begin, in the past.
— Chevelle

KEEGAN: The Opposite of Loneliness | Cross Campus

Much of my post-graduation emotions and perspective are eloquently written in this article. Thank you, Marina Keegan, for your thoughtful and potent legacy.

Fate has tortured us for too long.
— Chevelle
We should all hope and look towards the day where man realizes that the sounds exiting his mouth are mostly complaints and a change occurs.
— Chevelle
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