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Being Humble and Confident

As we look at the stars and let our minds wander into the many galaxies, we come to feel so small and insignificant that anything we do, say, or think seems completely useless. But if we look into our souls and let our minds wander into the endless galaxies of our interior lives, we become so tall and significant that everything we do, say, or think appears to be of great importance.

We have to keep looking both ways to remain humble and confident, humorous and serious, playful and responsible. Yes, the human being is very small and very tall. It is the tension between the two that keeps us spiritually awake.

Be careful where the mind goes.
— Chevelle
I need this faith to keep me walkin’, to keep me alive.
— The Head and The Heart
We must strive to be like the moon - to be kind, distracted by its tune. Cause these days are numbered, this life absolute. We all complain if it rains or it shines, but we’re never mad at the moon.
— The Head and The Heart
All that I am is a product of Grace.
— Andy Mineo

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You must concentrate upon and consecrate yourself wholly to each day, as though a fire were raging in your hair.
— Deshimaru
We try to evade the question [of existence] with property, prestige, power, production, fun, and, ultimately, by trying to forget that we - that I - exist. No matter how often he thinks of God or goes to church, or how much he believes in religious ideas, if he, the whole man, is deaf to the question of existence, if he does not have an answer to it, he is marking time, and he lives and dies like one of the million things he produces. He thinks of God, instead of experiencing God.
— Erich Fromm
It is not the same to talk of bulls as to be in the bullring.
— Spanish proverb
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